For JD Edwards World

World Config:
Multiple Roles and Efficient Profile Management

Implement Multiple Roles in any release of JD Edwards World from A7.3

Multiple RolesThe ability to assign users Multiple Roles gives organizations an efficient means of managing security, as well as much-needed flexibility to provide employees with easy access to all the functionality they need to carry out their duties.

Before Multiple Roles was introduced to standard JD Edwards World in A9.3, group level security provided some of the efficiency savings, but as a user profile could only be assigned one group, flexibility to cater for different types of duties was limited. Where users needed to travel to different parts of the system under the same security profile, complex menu structures were needed to allow users to travel to different parts of the system.

To overcome these problems, World Config introduced Multiple Roles capability at A7.3.

Users can have as many groups/roles as needed – so managing security becomes a simple process off allocating and de-allocating roles to users, without the need to understand complex JD Edwards security structures.

Users can access all their roles via a single sign-on and security will change dynamically depending on which role the user selects after signing on.

Manage profiles and security from a single screen

World Config’s User Security Workbench provides a single screen to view and manage profiles and all the various types of security, rather than having to jump from screen to screen.


  • Allows users to carry out all their duties seamlessly
  • Makes it much easier to manage day-to-day security changes
  • No need to set up complicated menus to give users all the access they need
  • Simplifies profile and security management


Now there is no need to sign on and off when switching between different types of duties. Users sign on once then select the roles as needed. Appropriate security for each role is applied automatically as they switch.

Provides the ability to manage profiles and security from a single screen rather than having to jump from program to program.

Greatly speeds up the process of creating new users; User Security Workbench will automatically create new users with both the JD Edwards attributes and IBM attributes specified for that profile. If a profile is deleted, it will be completely removed from the IBM system as well as from JD Edwards

Query by Example can be used to organize the data for easier review and management.