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Insight Reporting for Q Software with World SoD:
Segregation of Duties Reporting Made Easy

Find meaningful answers rather than reams of data

HubbleManaging Segregation of Duties (SoD) in JD Edwards World can be a real problem, involving complex spreadsheets and manual cross-checking procedures.

As well as being fraught with error, this tedious process often means that busy managers spend hours trawling through confusing lists to uncover SoD conflicts that need to be investigated and resolved. It also makes it extremely difficult to produce meaningful reports for your auditors.

World SoD simplifies the process. It enables you to define your SoD Rules, analyze access against them and report all violations.

Our advanced reporting module, Insight Reporting for Q Software (IR4QS), works with World SoD to make it even easier to view SoD violations with pre-built dynamic enquiries.

Automated Segregation of Duties with Auditor-Friendly Reporting

You can drill down to investigate SoD violations and produce auditor-friendly reports with meaningful descriptions. A highly featured and flexible Windows-based end user reporting tool, Insight Reporting enables enquiries to be filtered and linked so you can quickly pinpoint the details that you need.

So now you can:

  • improve the effectiveness of your SoD controls
  • spend a lot less time managing them
  • rapidly produce answers to your auditors’ questions on SoD


  • Produce auditor-friendly SoD reports at the touch of a button
  • No more cumbersome spreadsheets and manual cross-checking
  • Rapidly identify SoD violations and drill down to investigate
  • Automated SoD reporting saves time and reduces the risk of error


You define your rules by specifying combinations of items that need to be segregated. The rules can be as granular as you need, and the ability to use AND/OR logic give you a great deal of flexibility. Rules can be applied at three levels:

  • Programs
  • Functions (collections of Programs)
  • Screen Controls
  • Q Software Roles

Every company is different, so we give you the tools to implement your own SoD policy – but we also include a set of template Rules to help get you started.

With the hierarchical structure of User/Group/*Public and the different means of applying security, it can be very difficult to establish who can access what. Our software resolves these complexities to give you the net effect, to ensure that your SoD reports are accurate. This:

  • gives you a clear view of the genuine SoD violations and
  • avoids wasting your time investigating false positives

Standard IR4QS reports enable you to retrieve information about your Rules and Violations in various formats, and enquiries are linked so that you can drill down for details. Users can filter reports on predefined fields. Power users with an appropriate Insight Reporting licence can also generate their own reports on the base Q Software access table and define their own links.