For JD Edwards World A7.3 to A9.2

World Analyzer:
Efficient Security Analysis and Management Tools

The easy way to keep tabs on who can access what and how

Security Manager ProWhether you use navigation control or application security – or a combination of both – to restrict your users’ access to appropriate functions, it can be extremely difficult to get an overall view of the status of your security.

Finding out exactly who can access critical programs, or which programs a particular user can access, and by what routes, is virtually impossible.

World Analyzer was designed to overcome this problem by producing a complete access model of your JD Edwards World environment.

It identifies who can access any part of the system, taking into account both navigation control and application security settings, as well as menus, masking, travelling capabilities, Version security, and Function Key linkage and security.

Find and fix security issues from a single screen

World Analyzer also gives you powerful enquiry and reporting facilities so that you can easily and quickly find answers to your questions about who can access what. Access information can also be exported to a table for manipulation in a third party reporting tool, if required.

Having used these tools to identify security issues, the necessary fixes can be applied there and then – giving you a single point from which you can both analyze and manage your security.


  • Reduces the effort and cost of managing security
  • Interrogate and manage security in one place
  • Improve your security: find and fix security risks quickly and easily
  • Quickly answer auditors' questions and produce the evidence they need


Select any user profile to find what JD Edwards or custom programs they can access, how the access is achieved by all access routes (including low-level calls within programs) and what actions they can perform.

Select any JD Edwards or custom program to find which users have access, how the access is achieved by all access routes (including low-level calls within programs) and what actions can be performed.

Results of World Analyzer searches can be viewed online or exported for offline analysis.

Security fixes or ongoing changes can be performed quickly; real time updates with immediate effect.

Comprehensive information on menus: all users who can access specific menus, all menus that specific users can access, all menu routes that a particular user can take to reach other menus and specific programs and all applied masking selections. Menu security can be updated in blocks.

Provides security settings for all programs. The ability to filter allows you to identify programs that are not properly protected and programs that interact with critical files.