Audit Reporting

Be in good shape when the auditors arrive

Remove the stress and strain from preparing for your audit

It’s now becoming commonplace for auditors to request proof that good access and Segregation of Duties(SoD) controls are in place, even for organizations who are not subject to regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

But without specialized tools, keeping security and controls clean and current is extremely difficult, which often leads to frenzied efforts to find and fix weaknesses before the audit takes place.

Searching for the needle in the haystack

Even if your security and controls are good, it can take a lot of effort and technical skill to provide the evidence that the auditors need.

Providing definitive answers to questions about users with access to critical programs, for example, can be problematic due to the complexities of ERP security and multiple access routes.

To make your audit run smoothly you need:

  • An easy way to audit your security regularly to help you keep on top of security creep
  • An efficient way to manage SoD and report on SoD violations
  • Purpose-built reports and enquiries to let you drill down into the details of exactly who can access what and how.

We have specialized tools and services to help you prepare for your audit

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