For Oracle® E-Business Suite

Segregation of Duties Audit Service

The easy way to assess the status of your Segregation of Duties controls

Many organizations implemented Segregation of Duties (SoD) controls some time ago, but find that they are still vulnerable to fraud or are coming under increasing pressure from auditors to tighten their controls.

To plug the gaps, you need to know where they are. But identifying the SoD conflicts that exist in your system is a very complex task and it takes a lot of time and effort to do it thoroughly.

If you simply don’t have the manpower or skills available to do the work, our Segregation of Duties service can deliver the information that you need quickly and cost-effectively, without distracting your team from other priorities.

How the service works

  • We agree the SoD rules that are appropriate for your company. We can use your existing rules or, if you need a starting point, our seeded rules, based on auditors’ recommendations, can be adapted to meet your specific needs.
  • We give you a tool that extracts the necessary configuration data from your Oracle E-Business Suite system.
  • We analyze your configuration data against the agreed rules and assess the results.
  • You will receive an audit report that summarizes the status of the controls and makes prioritized recommendations for the remediation actions.
  • You will also receive detailed reports that show:
    • Users who have access rights that violate your SoD rules
    • Users who have access to critical functions
    • Users who have access to Master Data Maintenance functions

This gives you the information that you need to plug the gaps and tighten your controls.


  • Saves a huge amount of time and effort
  • No need to license or learn new controls tools to identify your vulnerabilities.
  • Allows you to fix SoD conflicts sooner