For Oracle® E-Business Suite

Automate Periodic Access Reviews

Take the slog out of Periodic Access Reviews

CaoSysConducting Periodic Access Reviews can be a very long-winded and tedious process that ends up taking far too much time.

CS*Provisum automates the process to reduce the effort needed, speed up the turnaround time and improve accountability.

Streamlined reviews with a full audit trail

CS*Provisum automates the whole review process, including notifications, reminders, provisioning/de-provisioning and audit trail.

Once a review is initiated, CS*Provisum:

  • automatically notifies relevant users to undertake their reviews
  • issues reminders to chase tardy reviewers as necessary
  • enables reviewers to update the assignments themselves as they check them, reducing the burden on IT staff
  • automatically removes assignments that are rejected during the reviews (optional)
  • notifies the review initiator once the reviews are completed
  • maintains a full audit trail to provide evidence for your auditors


  • Reduces the workload and turnaround time for access reviews
  • Makes it feasible to run Periodic Access Reviews more regularly
  • Reduces the load on your IT staff
  • Improves accountability by providing a full audit trail of all activity


Process Owner Review, Supervisor Review and Employee Transfer Review

May be carried out simultaneously

Reduces the load on the review Initiator and accelerates completion of the review

Removes the need to involve a security administrator

CS*Provisum is integrated with CS*Comply to provide reviewers with full visibility of SoD and Single High Risk Function risks

Makes it easy to provide the evidence you need during audits and compliance reporting.