For JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Task View Manager:
Productivity Tools for Efficient Management

Reduce the workload of managing Task Views by up to 75%

Generating Task Views is a time-consuming, tedious, repetitive process, and the workload involved can have a big impact on your upgrade / implementation project costs and timescales.

Task View Manager delivers a host of productivity tools that remove complexity and lower project costs. It eliminates up to 75% of the repetition, reducing the risk of error as well as speeding up the development timescales.

Create, copy, and manage Task Views and Fine Cuts efficiently by generating multiple variants very quickly, then refining them to suit the needs of individual Roles or Users.

Find, view and manage items such as Objects and User Favourites much more easily.

Build Task Views during the process analysis phase and share them with users for preview or approval, gaining end-user acceptance at an early stage.

Automate the process of designing security in line with your Task Views

A few extra clicks during Task View definition automatically generates security Components ready to be built into the security table for use with  Security Manager Pro.

This means that security is aligned to your Task Views and 80% of the security work is completed early in the project. So the costs, workload and timescales of the security phase of the project are greatly reduced and it becomes feasible to implement robust security before the go-live.


  • Greatly reduce the workload and cost of managing Task Views
  • Save time in E1 9.x implementation / upgrade projects
  • Automate up to 80% of the security design work
  • Align security to your Task Views for easy management
  • Go live with security in place without extending project timescales


Drill down into Sub Tasks, selecting items as you go to generate Fine Cut.

The grid also highlights any native security settings that are in place.

Complete with all settings and subfolders

When two Roles have similar Fine Cut settings you can copy from one Role to another, so you only need to change the settings that differ.

If changes are made then need to be undone, the Task can be rolled back to its previous state.

Show which Task Views a specified object is attached to, which Roles/Users can access it, and the routes they can take to reach it.

Ensure Favorites initiate current versions of programs.

Allows Task Views to be viewed by other people over the Web during development.

Automates much of the security design work and keeps security aligned with your Task Views.

See who can access which Objects and what permissions they have, all in one place.