For JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Security Manager Express:
Very Rapid All Doors Closed Security

Lock down your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system within days

Auditors recommend All Doors Closed as the best approach to restricting access to your system – i.e. shut everything down by default and grant users access only to the objects they really need.

But achieving All Doors Closed with the native JD Edwards EnterpriseOne tools is extremely complex and time-consuming – if not impossible!

Security Manager Express is designed to help customers who have an urgent need to lock down their systems quickly and cost-effectively, without having to design a sophisticated security model.

Easy, fast All Doors Closed security with preventive Segregation of Duties checks

It also enables you to perform proactive Segregation of Duties (SoD) and Multiple Role conflict checks before you deploy the live security.

This helps you to avoid creating security loopholes that leave you vulnerable to fraud – and your auditor’s scrutiny!

How it works

Security Manager Express automatically generates security that grants access in line with your Fine Cut Task Views and denies all other access.

You can use existing Task Views, or if you need to create them, you can use the included Task View Manager tools to manage them efficiently. When they are ready, use the OneClick function to generate “Prebuild” security.

The Prebuild stage allows you to check for potential risks before generating the live security table. Security Manager Express can check the security against your SoD rules to identify any violations. It can also check for conflicts arising from users with Multiple Role assignments.

Once you have performed your checks and applied any changes needed, you can build the F00950 security table.


  • Implement All Doors Closed within days
  • Very easy to use
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Align security to your Task Views for easy, efficient management
  • Keep system access clean with preventive conflict checks
  • Import existing security if required


Powerful tools to greatly reduce the effort and duplication of creating and managing Task Views, including Copy/Move/Cut/Delete Task Views; Copy Fine Cut, Superfind, Manage and Copy User Favorites; Import Existing TaskView/Roles from .csv files.

Automatically generates a completely new security model from scratch, with options to specify defaults for Application, Action Code and Processing Option Security and to automatically include Associated Objects and Hidden Programs.

Scan Prebuild security to identify SoD and Multiple Role conflicts before you build your live security.

Designed for situations where you want to keep elements of your existing security, but perhaps rework it or perform proactive SoD checks on it.

QuickCapture imports Prebuild security from your current F00950 table, allowing you to specify which security types to select (eg Action Code).

Where security data is currently held in spreadsheets, these can be imported into the Prebuild Table.