For JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Insight Reporting for Q Software:
Easy, Flexible Access and Compliance Reporting

Find meaningful answers rather than reams of data

HubbleBoth business and technical users need to be able to find information such as who can access critical programs, or who is violating Segregations of Duties rules.

But it’s very difficult to get accurate, clear answers which pinpoint the real issues.

Insight Reporting for Q Software includes a standard set of reports and an intuitive interface to enable you to home in on what you’re looking for and drill down for details.


  • Fast access to accurate information
  • Create ad-hoc reports and queries in seconds
  • Includes a comprehensive set of access and Segregation of Duties reports
  • Include data from both Q Software tables and standard E1 security tables


The easy-to-use reporting tools allow both end users and technical staff to produce their own reports very rapidly.

Includes a wide range of access and Segregation of Duties reports, which you can refine to focus on your areas of interest.

Powerful formatting features, including conditional formatting and user defined headings, enable you to create meaningful reports that deliver information in a way that makes it easy to interpret.

Including the ability to create PDF files with single or multiple reports and to export reports to spreadsheets.

If you have specialized reporting needs that are not covered by the standard reports, the Reportwriter licence enables you to create your own reports quickly and easily.