For JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Admin Control Manager:
Productivity Tools

Simplify Maintenance Tasks and Take a Load Off Your CNC

Many customers tell us that their highly skilled technical staff spend far too much time on routine tasks such as resetting passwords and creating new Users.

Admin Control Manager simplifies some common processes, enabling you to delegate them to Help Desk, support or administrative staff.

As well as reducing the load on your technical team, this can also mean a faster turnaround time for user requests.

It also streamlines some cumbersome technical administration tasks, so it takes your CNC less time to keep your system in good shape.


  • Saves time for your CNC / technical staff
  • Faster turnaround of user requests


Provides a convenient means of retrieving user records to enable / disable them or to reset passwords. Records are displayed in a grid format, and various criteria can be used to filter the data.

Enables rapid import of multiple Users or Roles to JD Edwards from spreadsheets.

Consolidates all the information you need to set up a new user into a single application, making it much easier for non-technical staff to add new Users.

Select and display the Security Details of multiple Users in a grid format, combining data from both the P0092 and the P98OWSEC tables. Records can be filtered by any of the columns on the grid, and updates can be applied in the grid as required, with no need to open individual records.

Similar to the Grid Update of Security Details, this function allows you to view and update Users’ Display Preferences in a grid format.

Identify and remove superfluous Object Reservation records that may be preventing Users from accessing Objects that no longer need to be locked. Users can select records that were reserved before a specified date or time, removing the risk of accidentally deleting current locks.

Enables you to terminate Users based on the Address Book status and clean up associated user records. The report can be run in Proof or Final Mode, with a range of Processing Options where you can specify how to treat associated records such as Roles, Security and Favorites.

Allows developers, QA staff or CNCs to quickly retrieve information about projects, objects and their lifespans from the Object Management Workbench. For example, if a CNC identifies a problem with a particular object, he/she may want to identify which projects in the live environment are affected and which developer owns the object.