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OAUG eLearning Session: Your ERP system is your largest IT asset — are you keeping it healthy?

September 13, 2018
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Most companies invest a lot of money in an ERP system, but then cost control sets in. And quite often the controls around the system are simply an after-thought. There are simple things a company can do to ensure a proper ROI on your ERP, such as monitoring usage, ensure proper access & fraud control, and maintaining & testing it’s health.

You get a personal annual heath check, what about health checking your ERP system? The modern approach to managing an ERP system means managing you software assets properly. You need to be in control of access controls, IT general controls, and compliance with your Oracle license.

This session will address these topics:

• What should an ERP Health Check contain
• What you should check for around Security & Access Controls
• Key Internal Controls the Auditor will look for
• Recommendations on Risk avoidance
• Creating a Dashboard to monitor Health
• Testing & other keys to ending Upgrade heartaches

Learning Objectives:
• How to create HealthChecks on your ERP – ensure a proper ROI
• Understand risks and controls that will ensure a healthy system

Presented by Q Software CEO Mike Ward
Thursday, September 13 at 1pm ET

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Date: September 13, 2018