Now It’s Easy To Audit Segregation of Duties in Oracle E-Business Suite

Are you in good shape for your next security audit?

Whether subject to SOX compliance or not, many organizations are facing increasing pressure from their auditors to improve their Segregation of Duties (SoD) controls.

But SoD reporting in Oracle E-Business Suite can be very complex, long-winded and reliant on technical expertise.

With QCloud Audit as a Service, you can conduct an SoD audit quickly and easily, with no strain on in-house resources:

  • Accurate information, delivered within hours
  • Minimal demand on in-house staff (about 30 minutes set-up time)
  • Identifies SoD violations and makes recommendations for improvements
  • Drill down to get the information you need to fix the issues
  • Provides evidence for your auditor

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