The Future of Security Audit has arrived!

Now it’s easy to audit JD Edwards EnterpriseOne security

Today we are extremely proud to announce the release of a new audit service, which will eradicate the nightmare of auditing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne security.

Over the past few years we’ve conducted security audits for over 100 customers.  We’ve heard many tales about the hoops they had to jump through to try and ensure that their security and Segregation of Duties controls protect them from fraud.

But despite their hard work, our analysis often uncovered vulnerabilities that left them at risk – and our results gave them the information they needed to fix the problems.

QCloud Automated Audit was designed to make auditing security very easy, so that customers can conduct it regularly to keep their systems clean.  All you have to do is log in to QCloud to trigger an audit of your live system and the results will be available online the next day.

The report will identify weaknesses and make recommendations for improvement. You’ll also be able to drill down to the detail with interactive enquiries.

It’s a great way to tighten your security and reduce your audit costs and workload.

Take a look at our short video to see how it works.